Drake’s Brown Danna’ Button Up

Drake’s Shirt from Started from the bottom

In Drake’s hit song Started from the bottom, which was originally released on February 6, 2013, Drake can be seen wearing a brown / tan colored shirt.

The specific designer of this shirt isn’t clear at this time and currently many fans are curious of it’s origins. Quite possibly so that they can get one themselves.

Pictures of Drake’s Shirt

The video for this song was filmed in January of 2013 and the music video was made public around February 10, 2013. The scene that involves the unknown shirt Drake was wearing appears to be taken within the Dominican Republic, maybe at a fancy villa. Perhaps this shirt was sold locally and Drake’s stylist picked it up over there to ensure the culture is reflected in the music video itself. Otherwise, it is easy to assume that Drake’s dope stylist had this shirt on deck already.

The song as well as the music video for Started from the bottom has been recepted very well around the world. It made position 6 on the Top 100 according to Wikipedia. Keep up the good work Drake! Started from the bottom now you here!

So if you are looking for the shirt Drake wore in started from the bottom currently the shirt is unknown, why not help everyone out and leave a comment if you know more about this shirt Drake was wearing!

Quick Details: Music Video: Started from the bottom Shirt Brand: Unknown Shirt Colors: Brown / Bandanna type designs

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