Drakes Squad Wears OVO

Ya boy Drake is at it again with his clothing line – October’s Very own, which is also the name of his record label co-partnership with Young Money / Cash Money. Formed after hip hop rapper Drake’s birth month, October’s Very Own is Drake’s very own clothing company.


You may or may not have noticed the owl being featured in videos and merchandise  well consider yourself filled in now that you fully know the whole rundown. The OVO owl is a symbol for “OVOXO” which again, stands for not only the clothes but also the vanity label that Drake started. The owls face actually has parts of the OVOXO word inside of it as well as the eyes and the beak.

You might be saying to yourself, why October?? Well, as it turns out Drake was born on October 24th 1986, as of this writing he is currently 26 years old, with a birthday coming up in… you guessed it… October!

Quick Details:

  • OVO stands for October’s Very Own
  • It is not a bird, it’s an owl
  • Named after Drake’s birth month – October

Clothing video

See our video below that was taken from the original video “Started from the bottom”. Original video is copyright Cash Money Records.

Get Your Ovo!

If you like the brand Octobers Very Own, then you should check out the links below to get your OWN clothes from Drake’s clothing line.

Visit Drake’s Official Clothing Site:


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