TI’s Wearing a Black & White Hustle Gang Sweatshirt

If you are into the Hustle Gang movement you’ll be glad to see your boy TI doing his thing celebrating his Akoo clothing line while donnin’ the Hustle Gang Sweatshirt! We’ve gotta say this shirt is straight dope and will definitely line up with tons of your existing closet pieces.

And of course, you could always top it off with your very own gold chain just like TI was wearing.

On another note, it’s also really good to see an artist wearing their own clothes, especially on camera! Props to that and your past 2012 birthday Mr. Harris.

Video of TI Wearing His Hustle Gang Sweatshirt

Other Hustle Gang Clothes

Where to Buy this Sweatshirt

Official from Hustle Gang (Black / Red)


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