TI’s Filthy Smiley Face T-Shirt

At his birthday party TI showed up with a shirt that featured a smiley face that also had the words “Have a filthy day” written on it, on top of a smiley face with it’s tongue sticking out. We have never seen a shirt like this which kind of makes us think that TI got this shirt locally or from a very small vendor.

During his birthday bash TI wore a variety of different outfits, for different reasons depending on what type of interaction it would be we suppose. Please visit our sister sites for other items of clothes that TI may have wore during his birthday bash.

More Pictures of TI’s Smiley Face Shirt

Quick Details

Clothing item: Short sleeve shirt
Design: Smiley Face w/ writing
Colors: Black/White/Yellow
Brand: Unknown

Video of TI Wearing this Shirt

Video music by Charles Clark – Amsterdam Freestyle

Know Who Makes This Shirt?

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