Wiz Khalifa’s Studded Spike Jacket

In one of his latest hit music videos, Wiz Khalifa can be seen alongside Akon while collaborating on the song “Let It Go”. Although this music video has many different scenes in it, towards the end Wiz can be seen wearing a jacket that appears to have studded spikes sticking through it.

Normally this type of trend is found in many heavy-metal and punk rock genres. But here lately it appears that hip-hop and urban music such as R&B is adopting different styles and fashions.As we have seen many other hip-hop and R&B musicians wearing more punk type of clothing in their videos, in their performances, as well as in real life.

Quick Details:

Maker: Unknown
Color: Black with spikes (yikes)

Please take a look at these still images for more detail.

Clothing video

Take a good look at Wiz Khalifa’s spike jacket in the video below. If you aren’t able to get a good look at the jacket please feel free to take a look at the still images further down.

Get Your Own

From what we know, Wiz’s designer may have made this jacket custom for him, meaning it’s not for sale unless Wiz releases it under a brand. We’ll update this section as we learn more information.

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