WuTang Raekwon’s Polo Jacket

WuTang Clan (Raekwon)

Can It All Be So Simple (Wiki)

Jacket Highlight Video:

Video Copyright: (c) 1993 BMG Music
Background Music: Charles Clark

Swag Info:

This vintage peace is definitely a collectors item nowadays! This jacket can actually fetch up to $5000 dollars just because of how rare it is! Made popular in 1994 by Raekwon ever since he first donned it in the music video Can It Be All So Simple. Ever since then is been no looking back as the value of the jacket has continued to climb over the years.

Raekwon and this jacket have actually secured themselves a top spot on complex magazines “50 Greatest Fashion Moments in Rap Video History“.

Complex also adds that Chris Brown paid his respect by wearing the same jacket on the Today’s Show when performing (pictures below).

More Details / Song History

From their fourth and final single (Can It All Be So Simple) which was largely considered one of Wu-Tang Clan’s debut albums. This hot song was produced by RZA, which he received credits under the name Prince Rakeem.

Music Charts

  • This song reached top 10 position number #9 on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales charts
  • Reached spot #24 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart
  • Ranked #82nd place on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart


Can It Be All So Simple went on the be remixed later and used on Raekwon’s debut album, Only Build 4 Cuban Linx.

Clothing Pictures


How To Buy:

This particular jacket can and will cost you upwards of $3500 or more.




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