Snoop Doggs african colored bead necklace

Recently Snoop Dogg was seen wearing what appears to be an African themed necklace made up of beads. Although usually, a lot of hip-hop artist generally wear jewelry that is made of precious metals, so it’s always good to see an artist rocking jewelry that is kind of homemade and comes from the heart.

This necklace that Snoop Dogg is wearing also features a six pointed star charm that is pretty big. You can see this in both our video below and in the still pictures below. We’re not sure who may have made this collection of necklace and charm, but we also think that Snoop Dogg himself may have put this together.

Video of Snoop Dogg’s African themed necklace & charm

Other handmade / natural jewelry pieces

There are many other hip hop music artists that like hand crafted jewelry, check some of them out below:

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