Flo-Rida Cries on his Nike Air Forces

In his latest music video, I cry, Flo-Rida can be seen wearing a brand-new pair of Nike Air Force One shoes. Rocking them in all whites is not a new fashion trend has many of the urban crowd refer to these as classics, whites and blacks.

In our video that we made you will see many different angles that display the shoes in the video. Please see below for the video.

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Pictures of Flo-rida’s Shoes

Watch the video below to see the shows in better detail.

Flo-Rida Wearing Nike Air Force Ones (Classics)

If the video moved a little too fast for you feel free to check out our video stills from the I Cry video by Flo-Rida. We believe that these video stills and our videos show clearly that he was wearing a pair of Nike Air Force Ones.

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