Rapper Kurupt Wearing Either White Forces or Reeboks

We are almost 100% sure that hip-hop musician Kurupt has been caught wearing a brand-new appearing pair of white Nike Air Force one shoes. Issue come as no surprise since musicians from the California area seem to enjoy wearing shoes such as Nike Air Force ones or Reeboks.

Still Shots of Kurupt Wearing Reeboks / Nikes

No matter what the case may be, it appears that we have definitely caught the ex-Vice President of Death Row records wearing a pair of hood favorites. Kurupt who at the time of this article is currently 40 years old or so is more than likely an enthusiast of low-cut shoes.

We are not 100% sure whether the shoes that you will see below are actually Reeboks or Nikes, so give us a hand in the comments if you know what the shoes are.

Kurupt Wearing White Reeboks / Air Forces

Original Video


Pictures of Reebok Classics Shoes

Want Your Own Pair?

Nike Air Force


Reebok Classics

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