[Unknown Shoes] Gucci Mane @ a Middle School

Looks like rapper Gucci Mane has a liking for what looks to be either Nike Air Maxs or Jordans as well! The hip hop mogul is obviously fond of helping children as he paid a visit to the school, we’re thinking free of charge. This is really cool as children become really inspired personally and obtain dreams they want to accomplish, just by meeting someone cool. Shouts go out to Gucci Mane on that!

These shoes that Gucci Mane was wearing appear to be a pair of Nike Free Huarache Runners, or at least a close second.

Pictures of Gucci visiting Crawford Long Middle School

Similar shoes / Close matches

Here are some other shoes that look similar to the ones that Gucci Mane is wearing above. Matching this shoe is difficult since the picture of Gucci’s shoes isn’t the best.

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