Wale digs Nike boots, so does the whole DC!

Hip Hop icon Wale apparently likes to kick it around in his Nike boots. Nike, famous footwear maker has a shoe line that now contains boots made up of a foamposite. The boots are officially called “Nike Air Max Goadome”, but the streets and rap game refer to them as plain ol’ Nike boots. Labeled “Versatile, durable and all around awesome” these boots should def be next on your shoe shop list for a definite upgrade to your shoe swag.

Speaking of Wale, not only has he stepped up Nike’s game but he has also made this shoe very popular to the point of even I know what the shoe looks like whenever someone drops the name.Indeed this shoe has become very popular because not only is DC embracing it, but you have many other cities throughout a nation that is starting to wear them to.

Hip Hop Shoes – Nike Boots

Wale Nike Boots Music Video

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