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Kid Cudi's homemade necklace

Kid Cudi’s Natural Necklace

In his latest video, Kid Cudi appears to be wearing some type of expensive gold jewelry such as a gold necklace. Instead, he is actually wearing a necklace that appears to be homemade, being made up of beads and other related materials. …
Kid Cudi's Camo Hat - Just what I am

Kid Cudi’s Camo Hat is Dope!

Kid Cudi had on a really nice camouflage hat in his latest video “Just Who I Am”. This camouflage hat could be made by anybody as it did not have any distinctive markings on it which would help us to figure out …
Kid Cudi Slider - World revolve around me shirt

Kid Cudi’s Cool Whole World Shirt

Kid Cudi rockin’ the world revolve around me T-Shirt! It appears that hip-hop rap superstar Kid Cudi really does have a personality! We say this because in the video that we originally saw the shirt in, we later figured out exactly what …